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The Designer

ENBAR SHETRIT is Art as Jewelry both as a brand and as a way of life. Living and designing in Tel Aviv, Israel, Enbar explores various techniques of metal sculpture, stretching the limits of the material in conjunction with limits of concept; our perception of the concept "Jewelry".

Enbar has always been fascinated with the realm of wild animals, plants and the forces of nature with its contrast to the more domesticated and mundane human, to such an extent of being almost lifeless.

Graduated from the Arts Institute of Tel-Hai College - Jewelry Design faculty, 2016. Enbar founded the ENBAR SHETRIT Art as Jewelry brand for both women and men, to share her abstract jewelry alongside her way of life.

Striking the perfect balance between the wildest untamed nature and the most domesticated human, until the contrast between the two fades away, revealing a new inspiring form, to remind us our roots without losing our fashion.

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